Bible Study Tentatively Scheduled for June
Jonah: Whom Does God Regard?
Looking forward to the end of social distancing at the end of May, it’s time to gather our Bibles
and meet together to explore God’s Word. A six-week study on the Book of Jonah, “Whom Does
God Regard?” will meet on Mondays at 9:30 AM at Hunky Dory and 7:00 PM at Trinity. The
study will be led by Wayne Kendrick and will tentatively begin June 1 (dependent upon the
response to COVID-19).
Almost everyone, including very young children, can tell you about Jonah and the whale (actually,
the Bible says it was a big fish). But what is the purpose of this short Biblical book and what is the
role that it plays in the arc of the Biblical narrative from the Old Testament to the New Testament?
These are the major questions we will explore in this remarkable and delightful story, as we
together take a deep plunge into the Book of Jonah.
Bring a Friend!