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Georgetown Lutheran Sunday School meets at 9:00am during the school year.

2018 Christmas Program, Thanks Nicole.

“Growing in Christ through Learning for ‘Life’.”

Georgetown Lutheran Sunday School is geared toward children learning about God in a variety of ways. We explore various aspects of Creation, Commandments, and God’s Promise to us through bible study, games, conversations, song, and prayer. Each Sunday our students hear an opening message together, sing together and pray together. During the lesson sessions our children are split into groups by age. Our small groups are gathered and learn a lesson of God’s love through conversations, Bible study, and games, as well as activities. The small groups are taught by volunteer teachers. Our Sunday School program is always looking for new teachers and assistants. Many hands are needed to keep our children engaged and learning in new ways!

The scope and sequence of our program is designed to be age-appropriate.  Our preschoolers learn of how the world was created and how we obey God through stories and activities. First through Sixth grade students delve deeper into lessons in the Bible in a variety of ways and settings; while our Confirmation-age students look into how those lessons apply to us in our everyday lives through role-playing a variety of different situations and issues that face our youth today.

Kooper and George performing special music.

Our Sunday School program also celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ through a Christmas program which is acted out for the congregation.  Vacation Bible School is also offered each year for a few days during the summer to motivate and reconnect with our children.  Our students are always encouraged to bring friends to Sunday School sessions and Vacation Bible School. 

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